Week 5: Strategic Planning

This week’s articles are based around strategic planning within libraries. I found that this tied in well with our reference and information class where we are in the process of writing collection policies. Although they are not exactly the same, they do share some of the same elements.

One of the more interesting points about these articles was that they could not decide how necessary a strategic plan is within a library. Although they stated the benefits of having one they were not sure if it was worth the opportunity cost. Personally, I believe that they are worthwhile as they show a library what direction they should be heading in. However, one point that was made was that libraries are advancing at such a pace that it is not worthwhile to create a long term strategy plan as it would be out of date before the time frame of the plan has reached a conclusion. This seems to be a very real problem considering the ongoing technological advancements which are changing the way that the general public interact with information.

I do feel, though, that certain strategies can still be made regarding the planning of future library goals and services. These could cover possible changes, based on the trends that we have seen in the last decade, and, thus, would prevent the policy from becoming too outdated.

I did not like the army metaphor which was present in some of the articles as I feel that this regimented view of strategy planning could serve to hold library organisations back. If libraries hope to collate data in order to help move their organisations into the future I feel that a creative approach in planning could be more useful than a systematic approach which relies to heavily on the concrete role of libraries in a time when libraries should be becoming increasingly fluid and adapt to the changes in the world around them.


2 comments on “Week 5: Strategic Planning

  1. nouraldawood says:

    I agree with your view, that the articles didn’t confirm the strategic planning necessity, and success possibility. I believe that choosing the appropriate change and development strategic planning approach, depends on the organization and its circumstances.

  2. lucynic1 says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you about the connection with the collection policy. Both can inform and guide each other. When used in conjunction with one another I thought that they could make for constructive weeding processes.

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