Every so often there is are buzz words and phrases introduced that are used so often they cease to have any meaning for me at all. Innovation is one of those words. Web 2.0 is another. This means that this weeks work proved highly problematic for me. On one hand I found it very interesting; the connection between innovation and creativity is fascinating, especially for someone, like me, who wishes to work with children in order to foster their creativity. The fact that I could on some way help create “the next big thing” is inspiring. On the other hand every mention of the word innovation made me want to throw my computer at the wall. This is why I liked when they started to discuss change management. I could absorb the information, I found it interesting, I even liked the chicken and egg situation which they discuss regarding change and innovation. What I did not like? The continued use of that word.I could not absorb the information. Had the author been innovative and used a thesaurus whilst writing this article than maybe my reaction to this article would have been different. But he didn’t. As a result I could not connect with this work. Maybe I have “issues” or maybe, these innovators need to innovate and come up with a new word for innovation.


One comment on “Innovation

  1. Ann says:

    I have to agree with your opinions on that word. Very well said. Another one is proactive. I also was interested in change management as I believe that there needs to be a lot of change in my work place before we can provide the level of service that the public library is capable of providing.

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