Hack School Library day in the Life – Final Post

This is my final post as part of the Hack School Library Day in the Life Project. I’m am a UCD MLIS student in Dublin Ireland. I shall be finishing at the end of August and my classes this semester include digital libraries, research methods, information literacy and cataloguing. 

Sorry about the silence yesterday. I spent the day working on a job application. It’s my perfect job so wish me luck.

Today I am going to talk about my experience of this project. As I previously stated I joined this project after I was inspired by some of my fellow classmates. As the week progressed there was a snowball effect within my class and now a large chunk of us are blogging and tweeting. I was delighted to see Hack School Library tweeting about our involvement. We have a vibrant and passionate group of students in my class and it is nice to see us represented alongside larger countries such as the USA and England. Despite our stereotypes us Irish can do more than drink (although we are fond of the odd tiple) and it was a pleasure to see this reflected throughout the week. I also found it incredibly interesting to see my classmates view of the various classes and projects we are doing this semester. It’s comforting to know that everyone is in the same boat – stressed and busy but enjoying every minute of it.

I was fascinated to glimpse what other library students are studying and how they view their courses. I’m not going to lie, I was also incredibly jealous of some of the classes that are available in other schools. As I would love to be a school librarian any mention of classes in this area had me willing to jump on a plane and enroll in those schools. However, as this is not possible (and I do really enjoy UCD) it was a pleasure to read about what is involved in those particular classes. I was especially grateful to those who linked to lists and books they were studying for these particular classes. I feel as if I could gain some of the benefits of these classes without needing to be there.

It was also interesting to note that every student seemed to be unanimous in the amount of stress they feel in completing an MLIS and their distinct lack of time to fit in their lives. My heart goes out to the many American’s whose blogs I read who were studying, working (sometimes two jobs) and balancing a family life. 

All in all, I am delighted to have taken part in this project. It is great to see that we have an international community of peers to discuss the present and the future of librarianship and the roads people are taking to reach the ultimate goal of providing the public with the information they need to access. 

Have a good weekend!

Over and out.



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