Hack School Library day in the Life – Final Post

This is my final post as part of the Hack School Library Day in the Life Project. I’m am a UCD MLIS student in Dublin Ireland. I shall be finishing at the end of August and my classes this semester include digital libraries, research methods, information literacy and cataloguing. 

Sorry about the silence yesterday. I spent the day working on a job application. It’s my perfect job so wish me luck.

Today I am going to talk about my experience of this project. As I previously stated I joined this project after I was inspired by some of my fellow classmates. As the week progressed there was a snowball effect within my class and now a large chunk of us are blogging and tweeting. I was delighted to see Hack School Library tweeting about our involvement. We have a vibrant and passionate group of students in my class and it is nice to see us represented alongside larger countries such as the USA and England. Despite our stereotypes us Irish can do more than drink (although we are fond of the odd tiple) and it was a pleasure to see this reflected throughout the week. I also found it incredibly interesting to see my classmates view of the various classes and projects we are doing this semester. It’s comforting to know that everyone is in the same boat – stressed and busy but enjoying every minute of it.

I was fascinated to glimpse what other library students are studying and how they view their courses. I’m not going to lie, I was also incredibly jealous of some of the classes that are available in other schools. As I would love to be a school librarian any mention of classes in this area had me willing to jump on a plane and enroll in those schools. However, as this is not possible (and I do really enjoy UCD) it was a pleasure to read about what is involved in those particular classes. I was especially grateful to those who linked to lists and books they were studying for these particular classes. I feel as if I could gain some of the benefits of these classes without needing to be there.

It was also interesting to note that every student seemed to be unanimous in the amount of stress they feel in completing an MLIS and their distinct lack of time to fit in their lives. My heart goes out to the many American’s whose blogs I read who were studying, working (sometimes two jobs) and balancing a family life. 

All in all, I am delighted to have taken part in this project. It is great to see that we have an international community of peers to discuss the present and the future of librarianship and the roads people are taking to reach the ultimate goal of providing the public with the information they need to access. 

Have a good weekend!

Over and out.



Hack School Library Day in the life: Day Three

This is my third post as part of the Hack School Library Day in the Life Project. I’m am a UCD MLIS student in Dublin Ireland. I shall be finishing at the end of August and my classes this semester include digital libraries, research methods, information literacy and cataloguing. 

I said yesterday that I would not be blogging today as I would hopefully be attending the UCD InfoSoc table quiz. Alas I woke up sick this morning so  no college or socialising for me today.

This is a pain because, despite the fact that I had been looking forward to the table quiz and going out with some of my classmates after, I missed the most catalogue intensive day of the semester. This included a lecture on RDA, 2 guest lecturers who according to my Twitter feed were very interesting, and, most importantly, a revision lab for completing our assessment. This means that tomorrow, I shall be reading all of the textbooks. And I mean all. I’m pretty sure I have about five looking up at me as we speak. Tempting although it is today is not the day to tackle them because my brain has turned to sick person mush.

Instead I concentrated on finishing of my Research Methods assignment. Done now. Yay! Not very promising considering the mush brain but hopefully I got enough done yesterday that any mistakes I made today are pretty small (I was going to use a fancier word but mushy brain does not like spelling today).

That finished I did other college related things. I researched stuff. Can’t remember what though. I also had a few amazing ideas for things but they are also gone (this is why I need to buy post-its). Finally I decided that today is just not a day for work, needing some fresh air I went to my local library (it’s two seconds away) and decided that I would take out books that are both fun and will count as studying so I won’t feel guilty for reading them instead of doing other things. 

I don’t know about other students but guilt is a large chunk of my life at the moment. I always feel like I should be doing more college related stuff so I can find relaxing difficult unless I trick myself into thinking that it’s relevant to my work.

So back to the books I took out, as my Capstone (working title “Psychologist or Librarian: Bibliotherapy for Teenagers in Irish Public Libraries) involves an in depth knowledge of YA fiction – we have decided to go down the developmental bibliotherapy route- I decided to borrow as many YA novels as I could. Turns out we can now take out twelve books at a time which is great because I fly through these books. On top of this the woman at the desk is super nice and also loves YA so I ended up with thirteen books and the first Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novel on order (I heard she ends up with Spike. I really hope this is true – Go team Spike).

Anyways this is my reading list for the next few weeks in no particular order:

The Fault in our Stars – John Green

Kill All Enemies – Melvin Burgess

Ashes – Isla J. Bick

Gone – Micheal Grant

Nobody’s Girl – Sarah Manning

Pretty Bad Things – C. J. Skuse

The Gates- John Connolly

The Outsiders – S.E. Hinton

Stargirl – Jerry Spinelli

The Moth Diaries – Rachel Klein

Ultraviolet – RJ Anderson

Jenny Q, Stitched Up – Pauline McLynn

The Adoration of Jenna Fox – Mary E. Pearson

So now, instead of a lovely table quiz I am going to go rest with my books and hopefully I will be ready for work again bright and early tomorrow morning.


Hack School Library Day in the Life. Day Two

This is my second post as part of the Hack School Library Day in the Life Project. I’m am a UCD MLIS student in Dublin Ireland.

This morning I woke up early to sunshine streaming in through my window. It was a good start to a productive day. I started with my daily compulsive viewing of my email inboxes (yes plural, there has to be someway of keeping my work and private life separate although some of my college emails have been straying into my private email inbox recently. People seem to find my novelty name easier to remember than my real name). I then shot off the few emails which I needed to before I forgot about it and set off researching some of my projects.

The first project I began to research was from my Information Professional as an Educator class. Myself and my group are looking at and evaluating a local TTRS programme, something I am really excited about because I love literacy and all that comes with it. It turns out though that the first few hits I got were for Audis (apparently it’s also the name of a fancy car) and spammy ad type sites – oh the joys of Google. 

I like to begin my research by running a quick Google search and it gives me some idea of the volume of stuff I’m going to have to wade through before I can find much of value. I know it may seem redundant but I like to put my searches into perspective before I start them properly and this is a way of stopping me from getting too frustrated when I get to my proper search. I found a couple of things which were of interest and will prove helpful in the future so I moved onto my next piece of work…. my Research Methods 2 assignment.

If anyone is reading any other UCD student blogs they may have read about his assignment. That is because it is the most time consuming piece of work we have had to do this semester. We are conducting and transcribing two interviews and two observations. It is due this Thursday so everyone is slightly panicked about it. It’s not that it is necessarily more challenging than the rest of our work; it’s just as I said time consuming, and if there is anything we are permanently short of on our course it is time. 

Today’s task was was writing up the notes I took on my second observation. There’s not much to say about that apart from the fact that it took ages and I am still not finished. 

I was, thankfully, interrupted from this task by a very lovely and pleasant call from a lecturer I had last semester in reply to an email I sent her this morning looking for help. This really made me realise what I had already started to see which is that we are lucky enough to have some dedicated and interested staff at our disposal. This call – alongside the sun, put me in an excellent mood for the rest of the day.

In fact, this is the only thing that got me through the commute from hell to college this afternoon. I know I mentioned Dublin Bus yesterday but they are a joke at the moment. I was late for my Information Educator group meeting as my bus was stuck waiting for the second driver to come and start his shift for twenty minutes. As this is the second time this has happened to me since Saturday they should be expecting a firmly worded letter any minute now (side note- I used to work in call centres; firm works, angry doesn’t). 

My meeting was fine. We divided up work for the midterm (which as mentioned yesterday will be the least holiday like holiday ever with the amount of work we have to do).

Then we had Research Methods 2. We are doing quantitative methods at the moment which I actually kind of enjoy. This may surprise some of my class mates as I’m pretty sure if they see my hand in the air in that class once more it will be snapped off. However, I was lucky enough to be one of only two students in my LC maths class and am a firm believer of asking questions to cover all eventualities in maths until you understand what is going on. I have a blindness for reading graphs so I need to have maths explained to me like I’m a five year old.

Class over I went for dinner with my family and sat at home relaxing to cool urban tunes (Lyrics are NSFW) until I had sufficiently recovered enough to work again. Which I now have so I am off to finish my observation.

I may not blog tomorrow as it is the UCD INFO-SOC’s first table quiz and I love answering pointless questions in a highly competitive manner. Also we can bring booze so it may turn into a late one if I get all my work done in time.

So until Thursday… Adieu